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Mon, 14 Aug 2006 18:06:26 GMT
Small, but Important Changes to RSS

Rogers Cadenhead: The proposal to revise the RSS specification has passed 7-0 with RSS Advisory Board members Matthew Bookspan, Rogers Cadenhead, Randy Charles Morin, Greg Smith, Loïc Le Meur, Jenny Levine and Eric Lunt voting in favor.

1. The docs element refers to an outdated URL for the specification instead of the current URL.
For as long as the board operates, will be the permanent URL of the current version of the spec. The domain name is the property of the board, so it can move to a new host as needed in the future.
John Palfrey at Harvard told me that the URL is going to become the permanent URL of the original Harvard spec published in 2003 (not any of the board's subsequent derivations). You can find a copy of the original Harvard spec here.
2. The spec encourages people with questions about RSS to post them on the RSS2-Support mail list hosted by Sjoerd Visscher.
This list is no longer active, receiving more spam than RSS-related posts. Our own RSS-Public mailing list is a better place to seek help.

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