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Thu, 03 Aug 2006 16:50:06 GMT
Rmail Stats

I pulled a list of feed URLs out of Rmail and ran some stats on them. There was 26,418 unique feed URLs. This is significantly higher than the number I report on the Rmail stats webpage, because it includes feeds that have been subscribed too, but are not currently subscribed too.

  • 27 of the feed URLs are invalid URLs
  • 2358 of the feeds reported HTTP level errors when polled
  • 1898 of the feeds were not valid XML
  • 11 of the feeds had other errors, which I was not specifically tracking

Now let's move onto feed type.

  1. 17166 were RSS 2.0 (includes 0.9x)
  2. 2671 were RSS 1.0
  3. 1871 were Atom 0.3 (mostly Blogger)
  4. 236 were Atom 1.0
  5. 171 were another XML file type. These might be RSS 0.9, RSS 1.1 and other.
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