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Wed, 02 Aug 2006 15:14:47 GMT
Feedback on RSS Feed Access Control

The blogosphere is buzzing about Bloglines new RSS extension.

Alex Barnett: The priorities seem wrong here - I don't see this step getting us any closer to getting better services when there are other much more fundamental issues that need solving.

Marshall Kirkpatrick: This is a great idea for which the time has come.

Scott Johnson: Its a fine gesture but that’s all it is — a gesture — and like many gestures it won’t actually solve anything. 

Danny Ayers: I can't see any problem with this proposal on technical grounds, the fact that its capability is likely to be misunderstood probably outweighs its potential benefit.

Randy: That's a lot of negativity. As someone who runs a search engine, I think I know the motivation here. Every few days, I get an email from somebody who is concerned that I'm reposting in my search results fragments from their blogs, journals, etc. I assume Bloglines gets a lot more than I. This extension gives Bloglines a way of responding to these complaints without having to create and maintain a blacklist of RSS feeds. It solves a concrete problem. Well done.

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Hmm, I must confess I hadn't thought of it's purpose as being for responding to complaints. If that's it, it'll be interesting to see how it pans out. Will Bloglines say "unless you use this extension we'll republish/index your material"..? (If not, then you're back to the blacklist).

- Danny
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