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Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:29:26 GMT
Blogging on Whose Terms?
Mark Pincus is wondering on who's terms is he blogging anyway. SixApart has sent him notice that he has violated their terms by posting negatively about someone who didn't want the negative publicity. A new reason to host your own blog? Not really! I host my own and have posted negative comments about x-cow-orkers and have been threatened with lawsuits if I didn't remove the 100% correct information. I removed it. I wasn't interested in the fight, but it was quite disturbing that people can cheat, be incompetent and you are not allowed to publicly communicate this information to potential future employers.
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It's not that you are not allowed to publicly communicate the information (as long as you are telling the truth and can prove it).  You just have to be willing to call their bluff, and if necessary, fight.

Agreed. In my case, it wasn't worth the effort to fight. And I think that would be the norm. Mark Pincus on the other hand has chosen to fight. Unsure why.


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