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Mon, 24 Jul 2006 15:36:48 GMT
RSS Landing Page, Bad Ideas

I was scouring the errors logs of Rmail just now and I came across the following subscription URL [], which is an HTML page. I investigated, thinking that maybe my autodiscovery routines were somehow broken. It turns out that Red Herring's homepage RSS icon does link to this page and that this page doesn't implement autodiscovery. So, users have been entering this URL into Rmail and failing autodiscovery, I've been polling that HTML page waiting for RSS to magically appear someday. I'm a big believer in RSS landing pages, but if your RSS landing page doesn't include an autodiscovery link to your RSS feed, then I can tell you that you are losing a lot of RSS readers.

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Yeah, what good is a landing site if it isn't near the shore?
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