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Thu, 20 Jul 2006 19:19:44 GMT
We love Widgets but...
The last year there has been the rise of the Widget. Widgets on Opera, MSN, Google, Yahoo!, Typepad and even widget companies are sprouting up. A lot of these widgets are great, but I find the vast majority of them are about look-in. The widgets only run on Yahoo! or Google's front page. Very few of them are actually universal and plug into... say... my blog. I'm sure the strategy of lock-in is gonna work in some places, but I thought this Web 2.0 thing was about mashups, putting things together. Yes, I used the Google World Cup homepage widget, but that lasted about a month. You can't lock me in. I won't let you. Give me a widget that I can use anywhere. Or don't give me a widget at all.
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Randy, you are so on the button. Give us widgets that are universal, stop this walled garden nonsense.
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