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Thu, 20 Jul 2006 14:57:22 GMT
The Decline of Bloglines
The long decline of Bloglines continues, from Web 2.0 startup fav to broken engine owned by Ask. This time, it's the Top Links, Top Declining Links and Top Gaining Links, which have been reporting blanks of late. The biggest problem with Web 2.0 is that everything eventually breaks.
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Bloglines have been doing some great work with their Atom engine recently. I don't know about the rest of their stuff, but their Atom conformance looks likes it's on its way to being amongst the best. They may still have problems, but at least they've actually got someone working to fix them now.

- James Holderness

Don't worry, their Atom implementation will eventually break like the rest of their Website :-)



We identified the problem with the Top Links generation, and updated Top Links (and declining, etc) will be visible tomorrow.


Paul Querna
Bloglines Engineer

We have been working hard to make Atom work 100% in Bloglines.  Thanks for the kind words.

Ryan Phillips
Bloglines Engineer

Cool! Two Bloglines engineers. I didnt' think they were listening. Maybe this is a sign of better things to come.


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