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Tue, 18 Jul 2006 16:16:34 GMT
Scripting Analysis

I used Dave Winer's OPML archive to do a bit of analysis on his blogging at Some of the OPML wasn't well-formed and some of the blog entries were difficult to parse, but the vast majority worked extremely well.

I uploaded some of the data to OPML Workstation in a proprietary OPML format. It shows everybody that has been linked to 6 or more times. Remember, the data is not exact.

I also found the OPML Workstation is linking to the OPML surfer. Thanks! I'll have to do some work on it (a link back to them) to justify that link love.

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If I remember correctly, Cadenhead was a buddy of his longer than he's been an "enemy". The same was true of Curry. Most of Dave's perceived "enemies" seem to be people by whom he (rightly or wrongly) feels betrayed.
"If I remember correctly, Cadenhead was a buddy of his longer than he's been an 'enemy'."

True. Those 116 links to Workbench on Scripting News predate the Share Your OPML blowup, aside from a few links about the blowup.

In fact, I've lost so much incoming traffic I'm in the process of pursuing a new hugely trafficked tech blogger to be the Mortimer Burns to my Waylon Smithers.

Speaking of which, a day without Michael Arrington is like three months at sea without fresh fruit.

Rogers Cadenhead

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