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Sun, 09 Jul 2006 00:13:44 GMT
Guidelines for the FeedIcon?

Mozilla didn't seem to learn from the first shot at trying to control the FeedIcon. Now they released usage guidelines. The usage guidelines are not legally binding, but I really wish they would have avoided this. For instance, in the visual guidelines they recommend...

The feed icon (or confusingly-similar variants of it) should not be used in the following contexts: as, or incorporated as part of, an application icon, a web site logo (including a favicon)
the icon should not be displayed in a color other than orange (or black where the use of orange is not possible)

This, of course, means the FeedValidator is not in compliance. I assume Sam won't embarass Mozilla for this stupidity, but I wish he would, if only to tell Frank Hecker that we won't be following his guidelines.

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