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Sat, 08 Jul 2006 04:24:28 GMT
James Robertson is afraid of a Better RSS. RU?

James Robertson: The advisory board can - at best - make suggestions. That's not the same as having an actual spec to point at. Screw up Atom, and you can be proven wrong. With RSS, you can always find a mudfight, because there is no definitive answer...

Randy: I can only show people where the water is.

Eye Roller on James' blog: Randy... then watch Dave link to someone who'll bash you by proxy for deigning to listen to the no longer existant RSS Advisory Board. You just can't win. Cut your losses and deal with people who are at least willing to listen.

Randy: Yes, the last time Dave flamed me, I was... oh wait... Dave doesn't flame me or link to people who flamed me by proxy. And I can tell you why. Dave and I have the same goal; the ultimate success of RSS. And BTW, it's hard not to listen to the RSS Advisory Board when I'm on it and recruited many of the existing members.

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Afraid of a better RSS?  No.  Expecting it to happen?  Also no.
I think a better RSS means clarifying the water.  That can happen. --SterlingCamden
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