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Sat, 08 Jul 2006 03:58:12 GMT
Joanne Colan to replace Amanda Congdom

Rachel Sklar: HuffPo's "Eat The Press" has learned that Rocketboom executive producer Andrew Baron has tapped former MTV Europe VJ Joanne Colan to take the anchor chair vacated by Amanda Congdon earlier this week.

Update: Dave Winer confirms it's Joanne.

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Some nice comments posted on it already, such as: "I agree that Amanda was the essence of RocketBoom... and what can be more American that a show called "Rocket Boom" (ya know, the bombs bursting in air).  Having a British host on a show with that name right after Independance Day is a little sickening.  I'm out to follow Amanda's career, but I will tune in to Joanne's first show today to see how it goes and how it doesn't compare... um, I thought that was supposed to be on today... Oh!  there is a posting on the rocketboom site that says 'Rocketboom has been delayed one day'.  I guess that one-day curiosity will be gone by tomorrow.  Cheers Amanda..."
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