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Thu, 06 Jul 2006 16:33:42 GMT
Microsoft Word will do ODF

Brian Jones, a program manager in Office: Today we are announcing the creation of the Open XML Translator project that will help translate between the Office Open XML formats and the OpenDocument format. There should actually be a prototype of the first translator (for Word 2007) posted up on SourceForge later on today.

Randy: Wow, this is great news and a big win for anybody who cares about interop. According to the SourceForge project, the project will use XSLT, which means you'll never have to write an XSLT to both xdoc and odf, but rather you can write the XSLT to one and use their XSLT to generate the other. I can already see a lot of re-use in my resume creation Website.


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Good news.  Interop rocks.


I like that...

Interop Rocks!


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