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Wed, 05 Jul 2006 22:53:13 GMT

DeWitt Clinton: But what if you wanted to put something interesting inside a syndicated content feed? What if you wanted to put valid XHTML in a feed? You went through the trouble of writing XHTML, why should it be flattened to an opaque blob of “maybe plain text maybe escaped HTML but I’m not really sure”? What if you added semantic microformat markup to your HTML?


Randy: Sorry, but XHTML has been embedded in RSS for more than 3 years. It can be done. It is done.


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It's about the only way to get the WordPress RSS importer to work properly.  I've created RSS feeds twice solely for that purpose, and both times I would lose markup if it wasn't bare xhtml, even though WordPress's own RSS feed uses a CDATA section instead.  --SterlingCamden

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