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Mon, 03 Jul 2006 22:19:11 GMT
My Daughter's MSN Spaces blog

An hour ago, I created an MSN Spaces blog for my 8-yr-old daughter. I picked MSN Spaces, because it's easy enough for an 8-yr-old and some of her friends already had MSN Spaces. I then surfed to her blogsite and found that I had to log-in to view her space. I had clearly marked the blog as public. This seems at odds with the spirit of the blogosphere. Am I missing something? Or... does... MSN Spaces suck!

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Works fine for me without login.

Are you sure you weren't already logged in?

Weird, I logged-out and returned to her blog and didn't require a login. Strange! Can't replicate anymore. You'll have to trust me that it happened.





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