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Thu, 29 Jun 2006 02:17:56 GMT

I just created by profile. PeopleAggregator feels a lot like MySpace, Friendster, MSN Spaces. I'm not sure what differentiates it from the rest, other than it's new. Which is all you need for today's Net savvy teens. More notes follow.

Tell me if you see my profile and don't forget to make a connection with me.

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When you "edit" a Wikipedia article by adding a paragraph complaining about the stupidity of Wikipedia editors, then, yes, it is probably going to be removed...

dude, a suicide squeeze *doesn't* require the bases to be loaded, where did you get such an idea?

Yes, you must be right. That's what it says all over the damn Internet. I wonder why?


Did anyone really think that Wikipedia would actually work as a valid service?  Allowing anyone to edit and add content when we can't trust the person next to us to not write a virus, or click on a strange attachement -- that's just niave.
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