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Mon, 26 Jun 2006 21:40:03 GMT

Cory Doctorow on Neutricide: And for these providers to be screaming for the protection of the free market is sheer hypocrisy--they themselves are creatures of government regulation, basing their business on government-granted extraordinary privileges.

Randy: Cory's article on net neutrality is entirely based in socialist thoughts and that's why it's completely wrong for North America. North American, a.k.a. the United States and Canada, have gained on the rest of the world thru freedom of market principles and de-regulation. What Cory is talking about is penalizing the telcos because they have benefited from regulation themselves. Socialism for socialism. Unfortunately, an eye for an eye, doesn't fly in my world. Corporations should have the right to charge for premium content or to choose which content they wish to publish. Do we impose left-wing view on Fox News? Of course not. Instead of looking to pretectionism to settle this issue, we should rather be looking at how we can make that protectionist decision fail. This is a free marketplace. If some telco wants to block Google because they aren't paying the bills, then lets organize ourselves to block that's telco's content and users and partners. That's the free marketplace that will succeed. No regulartion is necessary.

Remember, this is no longer the 1900s. It's the new millenium and the voice of the people, the Internet users, the bloggers are more important than the voice of government. If you want to excerpt change, then government is the last place you should bother with. If you want to excerpt change, then let's do it thru old fashion democracy. If XYZ telco wants to block Internet users, then let them. Our first step will be to block their users from our blogs. We own the Internet. The content providers like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft will follow and the telcos will provide a 403 Forbidden haven for their users.

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