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Mon, 19 Jun 2006 21:02:53 GMT
RSS Guidelines

Nick Gogerty of Inclue! sent me these awesome RSS guidelines which I'm sharing with my readers. Nick and crew are looking for feedback, which you can leave on their forums.


Update: Include! moved the guidelines documents. Here's the new URL.

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I wanted to comment there on the their section-but it sux !!

I need to sign in and become a member :(-

But he nails it well--"

"Is there a right way? No. By not

expanding the RSS standards don’t we risk stagnation and a lack of innovation? "

Possibly - imo, its very very high, with OMPL and RSS Being the the vehicle for content delivery and sharing, stds need to press forward and these sort of articles help the community to review and evaluate the basic core value props of such vehicles.




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