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Fri, 16 Jun 2006 01:25:24 GMT
HowTo Tag

Here's an excerpt that's pretty valuable from the e-book I'm writing Ten Steps to Professional Blogging.

One way of increasing the chance of getting blog readers to randomly stumble upon your blog is to include relevant tags with each and every blog entry. The idea of tags is that you would associated one or more word phrases with each blog entry. Now, if a user wanted to find posts on a particular subject, he can use a tag search engine like IceRocket to find the latest blog entries with this tag.
Creating tags unfortunately involves writing a bit of HTML. HTML is for geeks and I'm writing this tutorial for non-geeks, so I'll leave the HTML discussions short. HTML can be a little difficult, so I've created a tag code generator to help you out.
Add Tag:
When you are finished creating the tag code, then simply copy this code to the end of your blog entry.

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Correct Sterling. You can point them to any tagspace and they'll still get picked up by Technorati and IceRocket. This is definately only for people who don't already have a widget. A widget is much better.


Type "339":
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