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Mon, 12 Jun 2006 14:55:05 GMT
The Blogging Tool Survey

I finally got around to building that blogging tools survey I've been promising. Please complete the survey, the results are available to everyone and I'll compile it into a spreadsheet after the survey is closed in one week. This survey specifically excluded blog search engines, blog hosting services or blog readers.

Blogging Tools
1. Which of the following blogging tools have you used?

Blogjet Blogthing
Chicklet Generator Feedblitz
FeedBurner FeedPass
Flickr Haloscan
Odeo Photobucket
Performancing Rmail
Qumana solosub
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Current Results

Update: A reader asked if he could put this poll on his own blog. Please do it! The more responses we get, the better the data. Thank!

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Made my contribution, FeedBurner is my clear winner.

- James Gregory

I couldn't agree more. FeedBurner is kick-ass!


Maybe I'm dense, but what exactly does "use" mean?

I've used YouTube to watch videos but not to post to my blog, for instance.

For the purposes of my contribution, I'm going to assume you mean only things we've blogged with.
Hi thanks for including Qumana in your poll.   Everyone should download the latest version of Qumana later today.  It includes fun new features such as a way to embed youtube videos with ease.
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