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Sun, 11 Jun 2006 23:14:30 GMT
Blog Platform Grid

I was putting together a grid of the popular blogging platforms and rating yes/no on whether they supported some key features; whether it's free, hosted and allows AdSense. I want to get this right and I'm asking my readers for help.

Platform Free Hosted AdSense
Blogger yes yes yes yes yes no yes no yes
Typepad no yes yes
Movable Type yes no yes
LiveJournal yes yes no
MySpace yes yes no
MSN Spaces yes yes no
Yahoo! 360 yes yes no

Which platforms do you think I'm missing? What other features do you think I should list? Am I wrong on any of the features?

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One feature to consider...whether or not you can modify the template (thus adding code for other tools, etc.).


Thanks Eric! I like that.


How about Community Server?
Type "339":
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