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Sun, 11 Jun 2006 15:16:27 GMT
RSS Landing Pages

Jim Woolley of Feedpass recently brought an interesting point to my attention. The existing RSS landing pages, like FeedBurner, that are based on client side styling of the RSS feeds don't work in IE7. Jim's words follow...

If you are using Microsoft IE7 (beta 2 currently) and you click a FeedBurner link, like yours on The RSS Blog, instead of taking you to the FeedBurner subscription page, Microsoft actually snags the page and brings up their own landing page...with no options for subscription using ANY reader or tool other than "Subscribe to this feed." using the browser.  And the browser-based RSS tool in the beta version doesn't look very good at all.
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There is an option to disable that behaviour.  Under the Internet Options Content tab, click 'Settings' in the 'Feeds' area and check 'Turn off feed reading view'.

It took me a while to spot it.  Apologies if I'm stating the obvious.

I'm hoping the new FireFox 2.0 features will show how it should be done - sounds like a lot of good thought is going into it.


Thanks Andy!

Takes me 3 attempts to make one comment - no edit button!

Meant to say that the current test version of Firefox 2 (Bon Echo Alpha 3) shows its own page

Sorry Stephen, no edit.

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