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Thu, 08 Jun 2006 00:41:46 GMT
Wav to Podcast

So, it turns out the audio recording device I purchased encodes the audio as a WAV file. That didn't strike me as a problem, until today. I tried uploading the audio in Odeo studio. It crapped. I then used Media Encoder to convert it to WMA. Odeo doesn't accept WMA. I then looked for a WAV to MP3 converter. Yikes! Everything sucks. Which means it's time to start a blog entry and piss all over everybody.

Job done.

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I also went to Edit | Preferences | Advanced | Importing and set the Import using to MP3. This time Odeo accepted the upload, but I sounded like a chimpmunk.


Use LameXP, it is a free open source program that can convert just about any audio into MP3 MP4(AAC) WAV OGG and FLAC.  To use the MP4(AAC) you will have to download the encoder from nero.  It always works perfectly.  
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