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Tue, 06 Jun 2006 20:44:43 GMT
Blogger does RSS 2.0

Derek Jones: Although there's no official announcement, the sudden appearance of the new RSS feed (rss.xml) within my blog directory gives a good indication that this new feature has been implemented.

Randy: Wow! Blogger isn't dead after all. I've also failed to notice any splog coming from Blogspot these last few days. Blogger may become that blogging platform, we all new Google could make, after all. Now, when are they gonna upgrade that Atom 0.3 to something not deprecated? Here's the RSS from my test Blogger blog.

My comments on the new RSS 2.0 from Google's Blogger.

Overall, I'm giving this effort an A-. Awesome, but could be better.

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Iv'e noticed that Blogger no longer has the <description> field in it's RSS feed. Now our RSS feed isn't working right with Feed2js.

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