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Mon, 29 May 2006 21:30:20 GMT
Share Your OPML

Paolo has created Share Your OPML images. So, now you can link that image to your OPML on Share Your OPML.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This raised, at least in my mind, a concern about Share Your OPML. Share Your OPML isn't sharing. Shouldn't someone else be able to access my upload OPML file. I can't find it. Can you? If I think Joel Ross is cool, then shouldn't I be able to download and/or import his OPML file?

BTW Scott, get the f- off of Blogspot. What do you need instruction on how to use Wordpress? I was gonna link to you instead of Joel, but decided not too. You are too cool for Blogspot.

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But that's not the OPML file. It's a rendition of the OPML. I want the actual OPML file, so I can import it into my aggregator; Google Reader.


How did I miss that!


Still using Bloggers tools and should probably switch to WP sometime.


PS: Did you know the link part of this commenting widget is broken in Firefox? I can bold or italicize or do the other things but I can't create a link.

I wondered that too.  I'd be nice have some sort of exchange thing...

Sorry I did know. Never taken the time.


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