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Mon, 29 May 2006 00:11:07 GMT
More GreatNews

Shaun Orpen: I figured GreatNews must be something worth checking out. So I downloaded the installer (windows version), and within minutes GreatNews was up and running on my PC after a flawless and very easy installation. Next I exported the OPML file from SharpReader and imported it into GreatNews, another easy process. Then I closed down SharpReader, it turns out for the last time. GreatNews is everything I ever wanted in an RSS aggregator.

Randy: How many times have you read this in the last 12 months? It's funny how the average Joe reader just loves GreatNews. It's even funnier how you'll never see it mentioned on most of the other RSS and Web 2.0 related blogs. Since most everyone who has tried GreatNews thinks it's the best, I can only believe that they've never even tried it. They should!

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I love GreatNews, and if they are ever able to add functionality which allows one to post to their Bloglines clip blog, I will use it exclusively.
Great News is the best.
I don't get desktop aggregators.  Why not let Google or Rojo or the like aggregate for you?, saves on your disk capacity and bandwidth, you don't have to worry about missed scans or backup, and you can filter on thier resources.  They do a great job on caching items if you need the history, some cache entries are over a year old.
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