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Fri, 26 May 2006 16:45:02 GMT
O'Reilly Responds to the Blogosphere

Brady Forrest: We've sent a followup letter to Donagh Kiernan, agreeing that IT@Cork can use the Web 2.0 name this year. While we stand by the principle that we need to protect our "Web 2.0" mark from unauthorized use in the context of conferences, we apologize for the way we initially handled the issue with IT@Cork.


Randy: Lightning quick and elegant response. Congrats to the O'Reilly team for handling a bad situation in the proper manner. We all make mistakes, but only the biggest of men, admit to it and apologize promptly.

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Arguments are running 90% against O'Reilly.  Who the heck does he think that he can claim Web2.0 in *ANY* form, it existed long before him, and for him to legally make claims for it is so big-headed of him, who does he think he is?  This belongs to all of us, with special nods to those who blazed the trail to make it a self-propogating phenomenon - O'Reilly just needs to keep his money-grubbing hands of it.
What has Tim Berners-Lee claimed as his own of the World Wide Web?  You'd think he'd have numerous claims, being that he actually invented it.  O'Reilly didn't invent anything, he just put a successful tag on something.  There's a reason why some people are revered and made Knights...
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