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Thu, 25 May 2006 21:29:38 GMT
Invalid RSS Content

I'm amazed how many people fall for blogging techniques that basically make it impossible for other people to subscribe to your blog. Today, I found out from an irate reader that he was unable to subscribe to my link blog, hosted on wordpress. It turns out that the default template for Wordpress uses the feed URI scheme in a link in the footer. The user tried to copy that link into GreatNews and of course, the RSS reader responded Invalid rss content. I can't imagine how many Wordpress users must be missing out on subs because Matt listened to such ridiculous advice.

I'm sure some readers will respond that GreatNews is the problem, not Wordpress. I just wanted to point out that the feed URI scheme doesn't work in Google Reader either. Nor does it work in IE7. I think it works in FeedDemon, but I didn't try it.

Here's a great experiment. I'd like the readers to test the feed URI scheme in my link blog. Try to subscribe with whatever RSS reader you have and report on the results. Make sure to include the feed scheme when copy/pasting the URL into your RSS reader. The RSS feed is...


Sorry, I couldn't hyperlink the feed URI scheme. It's not supported by my editor. I would of had to edit the HTML manually to make it work. Yuck!

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It is supported by FeedDemon.  But I agree with your opinion of the URL scheme, and I prefer standardization on the MIME type instead. --SterlingCamden

Worked fine in the CITA RSS Aggregator,

Andy Henderson

Worked just fine in Akregator,
this textarea did however not work in konqueror, had to compile firefox to post this comment

Thanks guys! Andy, where's the news? Haven't heard from you in awhile. Pump me with some PR.

Works fine in every OS X aggregator (there's OS level support for it)

Doesn't work in My Yahoo
Worked fine in BlogBridge, FeedDemon, Sharpreader and Snarfer.

Didn't seem to work in Bloglines, BottomFeeder, FeedExplorer, FeedReader, Google Reader, JetBrains Omea, Newsgator Online, RSS Bandit, RSSOwl, RssReader, and Thunderbird.

GreatNews kind of worked for me. When a "feed" url is copied onto the clipboard GreatNews seems to recognise it and automatically pastes the url into the subscribe dialog with the "feed" part removed. However, if you manually type in a "feed" url it will fail.

James Holderness

Thanks James! Great work.

Actually, the feed scheme used to work in Google Reader, but we broke it sometime in the past month. It should work again in the next release.

Mihai Parparita
Google Reader Engineer
Type "339":
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