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Thu, 25 May 2006 21:03:58 GMT
Web 2.0 Trademarked

Tom Raftery: The upcoming Web 2.0 half-day conference is the target of a cease and desist letter (below) from the legal team of O’Reilly publishers. Basically O’Reilly are claiming to have applied for a trademark for the term “Web 2.0″.

Randy: Wow! This is quite amazing. Now that the money is flowing into Web 2.0, the folk are selling out like mad. Not that I mind anybody making a little money, but a trademark on Web 2.0 is about the dumbest thing I've read in quite awhile. And of course, everybody will be up in arms about this until they get their invite to Tim's next conference and sell-out themselves. 

Thank Sterling for the pointer.

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