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Thu, 25 May 2006 20:42:34 GMT
More Share Your OPML

The coolest new happening in Web 2.0-land in that last month is Share Your OPML. At least once a day, I skip over there to discover some new cool blogs. I'm at 505 subscriptions, which ranks me 70th on the most prolific subscribers. But the coolest feature is the subscriptions like mine. I go there every few days to find out who is like me. The rankings change day-by-day (it's new) as new people upload their OPML reading lists. Today, the top 10 subscribers like me are...

1. Simone Carletti 178 5.083
2. SterlingCamden 46 2.452
3. Joel Ross 941 2.040
4. Brad Feld 744 1.939
5. Tom Simpson 536 1.269
6. Alex Barnett 593 1.194
7. Matt Terenzio 82 1.176
8. Matt Craven 1,059 1.140
9. Yaron Galai 132 1.140
10. Larry Borsato 678 1.130

The next thing I do is pick someone in my top 10 and find subscriptions that in their list that I'm not subscribed too. Check them out and maybe even subscribe. It's a pretty awesome way of finding new subs. I also try to find the blogs of the people like me and subscribe to their blogs. It's quite amazing that I was already subscribed to the blogs of the 4 most like me.

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That is so cool.  Thanks, Randy!  I'll try not to disappoint.--SterlingCamden
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