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Thu, 25 May 2006 00:59:55 GMT
My Domain

Dave Winer continues to bash FeedBurner for stealing peoples feeds. He argues that by giving up the feed URL to FeedBurner that you put yourself at the mercy of FeedBurner going out-of-business. I wonder what would happen to Dave's blog if Matt went out-of-business? Where would all those blogspot blogs go, if Google terminated their hosting service? Why has Dave not mentioned these issues?

FeedBurner actually provides protection against going out-of-business in a service called Your Brand. You can host your feed in your domain, but point that domain to FeedBurner's server. If FeedBurner goes out-of-business, you can simply point the feed back to your server and nothing is lost. Does Dave mention this service in his argument? No.

It would seem to me that no matter what FeedBurner does, Dave is simply out to get them. Of late, I'm finding that many a-list bloggers are using their blogs to misinform the average user and redirect eyeballs to projects where they are a stakeholder. Another example of the blogosphere turning into the mainstream media that it is trying to replace.

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The rest of the blogosphere is a vibrant, exciting place. It's amazing how far you can see when you eliminate a huge source of smoke and wind from your field of vision. :)


I "respect" Henry Ford I for his advances in automotive technology, mass production, and industrialization. Unfortunately, he was an absolute bastard. There's a lesson there, somewhere.


Hehe. Great point!


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