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Mon, 22 May 2006 17:37:09 GMT
Michael Arrington Threats

Michael Arrington has begun threatening Feedpass with click-fraud and lawsuits.

lovely. I’m on the feed page, clicking ads like crazy so my lawyers can point to actual damages for the eventual lawsuit.


These comments were followed by a smiley, so I really hope they are in jest. Regardless, Jim Woolley of Feedpass sent me the following in an email.

I admit, I'm nervous about legal issues etc.  I pulled the ads for now to protect myself a bit from Michael Arrington's click-fraud threats, but that's it.

So, Feedpass has had to break their revenue model because of Michael Arrington's comments. I'm really hoping that Michael can confirm to Feedpass that this was in jest and that click-fraud and lawsuits are not forthcoming. And this constant attack on a small guy from the blogosphere must stop and people have to stop pandering to bullies.

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I agree !! Mike should play step up to the plate and let  Jim know the true intentions. After all we are in a Attention economy and also an Intention economy.

If Mike wants to play hardball with a new comer, then he sucks --big time  !!

this is an abolutely pathetic attempt to get links. it was...obviously...a joke.
You should have read the entire blog entry before you commented. I acknowledged that it was likely in jest, but Jim at Feedpass took it seriously. I'm asking Mike to tell Jim, that it was in jest. That was the whole point! To confirm it was a joke.

This is all so over the top!  Jim says shame on FeedBurner for letting users post tags in a text box that Feedpass then recognizes as a claim of ownership?  Arrington is a click-fraud bully?  There's debate over whether FP even does anything at all?  OMG, this is ridiculous.  How about the fact that all the Adsense ads on FP pages are ads for RSS services 'cause that's what the content is dominated by - instructions on how to use RSS.  (Nice Adult Sex Toys ad in the sidebar here btw Randy)  Point being that these are all emerging technologies that we have way less of a grasp on than hard-core finger pointers would have us believe.  Sheesh.
Anybody who believes that FP doesn't do anything at all isn't reasonable.

um, yeah, I'm not going to click on ads or hire a lawyer.

Mike. TechCrunch
yes. your comment system is unfamiliar to me. Usually there is an area to put in your name, email, etc. and I didn't realize that I would be leaving an anonymous comment. Please feel free to add "- Mike, TechCrunch" to the first comment if you can edit it.

I took this post a bit personally until I read through some other classics of yours, so I'm fine with it.

I did already, same comment problem.
Randy, I have a question for you. Alec says you are a good guy in person, and I believe him. But you are pretty nasty on  your blog. Do you think it's acceptable to call me an "idiot" (previous post) and a "bully" and to say things like "feedpass didn't pay him enough to write a good review"? Would you say these things to my face? I hope not. So why is it ok on a blog?

Stuff like this almost made me stop blogging a while back.  I've gotten more used to it, but I don't think that having a thick skin necessarily makes me a better person. I think the fact that comments like these don't affect me as much actually make me a worse person than I used to be.

I'd actually like your thoughts on this. I was pretty harsh on Feedpass, and maybe you felt ok with trashing me because of that. But I think being harsh on a company is fundamentally different than attacking someone personally. At least, when people say horrible things about edgeio, my startup, I don't feel nearly as bad as I do when I read stuff that you write.

In the end, do you really think I'm an idiot, or that I take payoffs, or that I'm a bully? Seriously, I'd like to know.

Oh, one last thing. On feedpass - do you think they'd rather me not write about them than trash them? I've asked companies this before - "I'm not going to write a positive review, do you still want me to write?" In every case they've said yes, go ahead and write.

I'm reaching out to you here, please be serious with any feedback.

Ok, I asked for an honest response and I got one. If I ever meet you, and you say these things to my face, it will be a very interesting and very short conversation.

Most people are like that. They don't like to be told they were wrong.


Do you still you honestly believe that Feedpass does absolutely nothing? Just wondering.


I didn't expect an answer. I can't believe people actually subscribe to your biased thoughts.


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