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Sun, 21 May 2006 18:48:13 GMT
FeedPass does more than nothing!

Randy: Dave continues the conversation about Feedpass.

Dave Winer: I certainly don't approve of newcomers doing what Feedburner does, without even asking for permission to do so! Who are these people? How do we know whether we should trust them? Why should I have to trust them?


Randy: This is completely unfair. This sounds like nobody is allowed to make a business around RSS except those approved by Dave. Feedpass is simply a landing page and it can be swapped out with a slight modification to the blog template. Dave clearly doesn't understand what Feedpass is.

Dave also tells us How to compete with FeedBurner. But he admits, his model will cost $7/yr. FeedBurner cost me $0 for my 100+ feeds. We're also told by Dave and Mike that a FeedBurner competitor is about to launch. This now sounds a lot like Dave and Mike are bashing the competitors to curry favor with this new competitor. Dave even invites them to work with him. Don't let them ever tell you again that they are unbiased in opinion.

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I've found the blogosphere a much more civil place since I stopped reading Scripting News.

Where's the fun in that?

I find I spend less time yelling at my monitor. Therefore I feel saner and more productive. :)

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