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Sat, 20 May 2006 23:33:29 GMT
Blogspot is Dead to Me

I've gotten tired of the endless splog that comes from blogspot. I've begun posting the following comment on blogspot hosted blogs.

If you leave blogspot, then I'll refer to you once in awhile. If you don't, then I'll never refer to you again. The only way to make Google listen and prevent splogs is to take action against its users. Sorry!

I'm simply tired of the 100s of splog referrers that I get each week. If Google doesn't get it, then let me spell it out in plain English. CAPTCHAS don't work! Try something new. I encourage others to post similar comments on all blogspot hosted blogs in their blogroll. Let's tell Google we're not putting up with splogs anymore.

BTW, I still love you Google. I love Google search. I love AdSense. I love Google Reader. I just don't love blogspot anymore. And IceRocket is better than Google blog search only because they aren't indexing the blogspot splog. Make it go away! Close it down. Get rid of the splog or the blogosphere will harass your users until you have only sploggers left.

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"The only way to make Google listen and prevent splogs is to take action against its users."

Randy.. that's crap & you know it. You can't "take action against users" and then come back with a "by the way I still love you Google".... If this matters so much, then the way to make Google listen is to tell them loud that you think they suck, and to stop using their other services until they fix all of them. They won't care whether or not you link or refer to blogspot blogs. The only people you hurt with that are the end-users who are just as ticked off about splogging as you are.

This is definitely a problem that needs a strategic solution, but the strategy needs to hit the target!
I disagree. Google sends me thousands of referrers per day and one 4-figure (someday 5) check per month. Why would I bite the hand that feeds me?

Google is great! Blogspot splogs suck! Every apple tree has bad apples and good apples. You don't throw away the good apples because of a few bad ones.

But that's exactly what you are doing! By penalising all blogspot blogs, you're throwing away the "good apples" that are hosted there (whose authors can't affect the splog situation in any way) & not actually changing the status quo for the splogs. The reason they won't fix it is because they've got enough people hooked on adsense and traffic that they don't need to.

This isn't a end-user blogspot problem... It is a systemic Google problem, and your opposition to it will be ineffective until you ask them (& not us) to fix it.
That's why I'm telling the blogspot bloggers that if they move, I'll link to them. I want those good apples, but at (or other), just not

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