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Fri, 12 May 2006 16:07:53 GMT

On the heels of the relaunch of Share Your OPML, we also have a new OPML service called OPMLworkstation. OPMLworkstation has several fold the features of Share Your OPML. They host your OPML, allow you to mark them public or private, add them to their directory, co-operative editing and the list goes on. The number of features actually makes it quite difficult to use. For instance, I had to fill in a few dozen controls just to upload one OPML file. Then, it was rejected because it was invalid (more like a broken validator). Fortunately, there was an option to upload an invalid OPML file. Once you get past the usability issues, the site is by far the best OPML hosting service I've ever seen and by a long mile.

Bela, the author of OPMLworkstation, I know you are listening. You might want to consider simplifying the upload. Maybe a wizard style would be better suited. Allow the user to upload his feed before presenting all the options. Also, remember the power of defaults. Default to public, not private. Default to add to directory, not hide.


One more thing Bela, I'm subscribed.

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hi Randy,

Thank you for trying out OPMLWorkstation and for the review - I am excited to have you look at it - and definately listening! Look for a new iteration of the tool taking your suggestions into account. Our goal is to have a really useful and easy to use OPML tool - user feedback is key.



np, OPMLworkstation looks very promising.



Can you come to OPML Camp this weekend?



Sounds like fun, but I'm not much of conference go-er. I'd to change that.


Not sure where you are located - but if you are free this weekend - come to Boston! Should be fun (and hopefully not raining!).
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