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Tue, 09 May 2006 16:05:55 GMT
Edgeio Borked

I tried to create an account to upload a job listing to edgeio today. I got...

You entered the wrong text for the antispam image. Please try again.

...four times in-a-row before I gave up. It's not that the captchas are difficult, they looked easy enough. It just seems their captcha system is borked. Hopefully, this will find the right person to get it fixed.


Update: I got an email from edgeio support asking if I was using IE7 (they're having problems). I switched to Firefox. This time, the captcha passed, but the reply was "Verify email address - {removed to protect user}@gmail.com", which is not my email address. I assume they sent my registration to somebody else. Edgeio is definately Web 2.0. More bugs than features.

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