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Sun, 07 May 2006 17:11:30 GMT
Best RSS Reader

Help me determine which of these RSS reader should be in the sidebars of the KBCafe blog network blogs and the chicklet generator. Simply complete this small survey. Write in votes to the comments, if your favorite reader isn't in this list. The list contains my top 19 user agents according to FeedBurner plus Google Reader, which currently doesn't report stats to FeedBurner.

 Best RSS Reader  
1. What is your favorite RSS Reader?
Google Reader GreatNews
Pluck Firefox Edition Pluck Web Edition
Bloglines My Yahoo!
NewsGator Online Pluck IE Edition
Rojo News Alloy
Firefox Live Bookmarks Custom Reader Demo
Google Desktop FeedDemon
NetNewswire Onfolio
IE 7.0 SharpReader
RSS Bandit Attensa for Outlook
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Current Results

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Missing: Omea Reader (and Omea Pro), the best in my estimation. Also, you should distinguish Onfolio in its original incarnation from the Microsofted version. The former is preferable.

Also missing: Shrook (for the Mac).

I use Snarfer which supports USM, so as long as you have that as an option it should be ok. Of course listing it by name would be a whole lot nicer since most users aren't going to have the faintest idea what USM is. I suspect I'm probably the only Snarfer user subscribed to your blog though.

James Holderness
Another one missing is Opera. It also might be useful to distinguish between web-based and desktop-based feed readers.  --nm
I am using NewzCrawler
Type "339":
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