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Fri, 05 May 2006 13:54:59 GMT
Best of Breed

Of late, I've doing a lot of complaining about the failures of the blogosphere. So, I thought I'd change it up and point to things in the blogosphere that are working better than most and that I generally find useful.

  1. - This is the oldest and most reliable part of the blogosphere. It works! It's not very interesting. It's not like I go there every hour and check the latest updates. But, much of the blogosphere was built on this simple, scalable piece of genius. Thanks Dave!
  2. RSS - Another gem from Dave. This is the envelop of the blogosphere. Without it, the blogosphere would not exist.
  3. OPML - Dave, stop that right now. This is why I'm not still using Radio. At one point, a better RSS client came along and I exported my subscriptions from Radio to X, from X to Y, from Y to Z. OPML stands for No Vendor Lock-in.
  4. IceRocket and Google Blogsearch - Blogosphere search engines that actually work.
  5. BlogPulse Profiles - Blog profiling tool that actually kinda works (it could be better).
  6. ehlist - The SEO tool from hell. If you're not using it, then you're simply not trying.
  7. Alexa - This is the best no touch traffic tool ever invented.
  8. Analytics - I love Google.
  9. AdSense - Thank Google for making blogging a paying hobby.
  10. Amazon Web Services - Make that a good paying hobby.
  11. Google Reader - My online RSS reader of choice.
  12. GreatNews - My offline RSS reader of choice.
  13. Google - The index of our lives.
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14. -- Despite my misgivings about some of your recentg UI moves, you still provide a wonderfully sliceable/diceable stream of the most interesting content flowing across the Intarwebs

15. flickr -- hosting the blogosphere's photos.

Thanks, those are also great.

16. FeedBurner
17. YouTube


Chris Pirillo: "RSS - The poor man's API"

The Eh list is interesting and I've been subscribed to my sites stats for a while but I've never really figured out what to do with the data.

HTML, XML, FireFox, cheese slices, solid fuel, unicycles - thanks Dave!
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