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Fri, 05 May 2006 04:26:08 GMT
Blogware still Blocking Google

Twice in the month of April, I reported that Blogware was blocking incoming Google referrers. I sent a note to a friend at tucows and even got the attention of Siobhan McLaughlin, Associate Product Manager at Tucows. Siabhan responded in my blog comments.

Thanks for posting about this.  We are not blocking Google Referrers.  We had a temporary issue that has now been resolved.

This response was truthless and even today, if you search for Siabhan's blog on Google, you'll get an error message.

access from has been denied

This only happens for some Blogware blogs and not all. I've now sent emails to a half dozen addresses at Tucows and the issue remains unresolved. Weirdness.

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This issue was fixed on May 6 2006.

Associate Product Manager, Tucows.

Thanks Siobhan,


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