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Tue, 02 May 2006 15:04:25 GMT
sphere.com is live!

We have another blogosphere search engine. Considering how broken blogosphere search currently is, the competition is welcomed. Unfortunately, sphere.com doesn't seem to be doing any better. It's dominated mostly by splogs, even when I sort by relevance. I tried to find The RSS Blog and searched for rss blog, rank by relevance, filter for last week only and the top two entries are actually ads for RSS2Blog, the #1 splogging tool on the market. I even search for kbcafe, rank by relevance, filter for last 4 months and the top two entries were splog entries. The 3rd entry was by Sam Ruby. How does a splog rank higher in relevance than Sam? That can only be a broken algorithm. I searched and searched and I really couldn't find anything much at all. Search for Besting Adwords, splog #1. Occasionally I stumbled into a non-splog result, but about 90+% are SERP (search engine result page) spam. Sphere.com is likely worse than PubSub, Feedster and Technorati, which I've already written off as completely useless.


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