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Wed, 26 Apr 2006 18:06:15 GMT
The Wikipedia FAQK

By Lore Sjöberg on Wired...

Is it true that anyone can contribute?
Sure, Wikipedia is absolutely open to absolutely anyone contributing to absolutely anything! As long as you haven't been banned, or the article you're contributing to hasn't been locked, or there isn't a group of people waiting to delete anything you write, or you don't make the same change more than three times in one day, or the subject of the article hasn't decided to send scary lawyer letters to Wikipedia, or you haven't pissed Jimbo Wales off real bad. It's all about freedom.,70670-0.html

In the article Lore refers to a ficticious Randy from Boise (I'm not from Boise). I wonder, if that's a pointy to my numerous rants on the subject.

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This part:

An article about me is up for deletion! What can I do to keep this from happening?

Well, you could try building a strong case using documented evidence from outside Wikipedia to bring people around to your well-researched and well-founded point of view, but honestly your best bet is to get a role on Battlestar: Galactica. eerily reminiscent of our experience with the entry for "Synergy/DE".  We were unsuccessful in landing that BG role.

Sterling Camden
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