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Tue, 25 Apr 2006 22:18:51 GMT
The Blogosphere Ping is Broken

Bob Wyman is championing the cause of the OPML ping infrastructure and suggesting that the RSS ping infrastructure is working just fine.

Bob Wyman: Pito Salas of BlogBridge recently wrote that they have implemented "Reading List Pings." This brings to OPML the same push-based bandwidth saving technology pioneered and proven in the realm of RSS/Atom syndication.

I cannot believe at this time that anybody continues to believe that the blogosphere ping infrastructure is working. Bob has staked his company on the ping infrastructure and this has resulted in PubSub's indexer breaking repeatedly over the last year. I blog countless (estimate a dozen) times per day and ping PubSub with every new blog entry, yet PubSub has indexed my Website one third of the days of the last 30. That's 12x30=360 pings in a month and only 10 of those 30 days I got indexed. That's somewhere between 240 and 350 missed pings out of 360. This is the technology proven in the realm of RSS/Atom syndication? I think not.

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