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Mon, 24 Apr 2006 16:11:39 GMT
Get Your Blog Noticed!

Alec Saunders: Last August I began a serious effort to try to increase the traffic to my blog, after switching from Radio (where it had been for three years) to WordPress.  Since then, I’ve gone from an average of 216 visitors per day, to 3400.  March was the first month I had more than 100,000 visits, and over a half million hits.  At Barcamp Ottawa, on Saturday, several people asked about this, and I promised to put together a "How to" post.

Randy: Alec writes an excellent read on how to get your blog noticed. And he compliments me too. Thanks Alec!

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Alec's got a great blog (and he's a really nice guy).
Once again, I forgot to name myself ;)  Robyn at
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