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Sat, 22 Apr 2006 01:25:07 GMT
GData Link Roundup

Joe Gregorio: There are some minor rough spots but it looks very good.

Richard MacManus: Why Google is extending RSS.

Vincent of A Feed Is Born: This protocol could be the base of all new Google services from now on.

Jeff Jarvis: Can someone explain to me what’s going on with Google’s syndication protocol?

Deeje Cooley: As a client developer, my first question is... when/does this work with Blogger? And my next question is, who else is on board? SixApart? Roller? Wordpress?

Matt of HowRadical: Gdata. Sounds like a 2-way, push/pull version of RSS.

Maurice Cook: GData means that the walled garden of Google's applications is coming to an end

Steven Livingstone-Perez: If Microsoft had done this they would be hammered in the media..

Karl Martino: Google does an end run around the RSS and Atom war. GData, Google's new API to read and write from the web, combines elements of both.

Mark McLaren:  This all sounds a bit like the beginnings of a Google powered enterprise portal to me.

Reto Meier: The protocol and APIs are fully extensible so expect to see GMail, RSS reader, news, bookmarks, blog, and search APIs roll out using the GData API.

Amit Agarwal: Get your creative juices flowing. Build calendars on your site using Google Calendar Data API.

Randy: This is simply a snashot of a few trees in a forest. I think I could've quoted 100 intriguing statements. What that means to me? GData is disruptive.

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You have to wonder, with such a list, when Google with come out with an explanation or two to put GData in perspective...
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