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Sun, 16 Apr 2006 15:43:10 GMT
Google Calendar

Last week, Google finally launched Google Calendar. I've long been a user of Yahoo! Calendar and long hated thick-client calendar applications like Outlook. Google Calendar is a large step forward in online calendars. Much easier to use. Very responsive. Support for Atom feeds. Just one problem. How do I export the calendar data from my Yahoo! and import that into Google? I've built up a large set of over the years that I've been using Yahoo! It would take several hours to re-input the data into Google.

Update: Microsoft intends to keep up with the Jones.

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Thanks Dude! Mucho appreciated.

Oops! Didn't work.
    Failed to import events:
    Failed to upload ical/csv file

I divided up the data into smaller files, which didn't work either. But what I noticed is that only a small set of the data is actually contained in the CSV file. My biggest concern is recurring events, which doesn't seem to be accounted for. I'll likely have to re-input the data manually, or did doesn't anybody know anything obvious that I've missed.

I'm playing with Google Calendar and its import/export features.

It seems it has big problems importing CSV files.

I needed to add a macro to export my calendar from Microsoft Outlook into a iCalendar format.

I've never used Yahoo! Calendar before but if you can export data into a iCalendar file it's better rather than CSV.

I also noticed Google Calendar is unable to load public iCalendar calendars but you must import them... probably Google Calendar's team needs to fix some bugs. ;)

Simone Carletti

I exported my Yahoo calendar to MS Outlook.  I then exported the Outlook calendar to a folder I made in my documents.  I made it a csv file.  Then I logged on to my Google calendar and imported the files to the Google calendar.  I had 2 years worth of info that transferred over with no problem.


Have you tried 30boxes? It's got a similar feature set to Google Calendar and a much cleaner UI, IMO.

Thanks Dave, I'll check it out.


I just made google my homepage and found the calendar and I'ts amazing for me. I'm fairly new at everything, so don't worry about explaining anything for dummies. I need to learn it all.

Thanks Eh

grace elizabeth

How do I migrate events from Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar?
Hi I'm nwe
How do I create events to be viewed in both Google and Yahoo. I have friends you use Yahoo and need them to see it in their own calendar?]

It seems Google calendar prefers the export option in Outlook to be "comma delimited (DOS)" instead of (Windows). 

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