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Sun, 16 Apr 2006 01:05:43 GMT
The Feedvalidator is Dead to Matt

Matthew Mullenweg: I’m not even talking about deciding they can change the world by decree. (Which has already been addressed.) The latest in their line of enlightened changes is that the author of the Well-formed Web spec has changed the capitializition of the wfw:commentRSS element at some unknown point to lowercase Rss. This arbitrary decision has been codified by the validator, which now reports the millions and millions of feeds that use the previously correct capitialization as invalid. [cut] But wait, there’s more. “In addition, this feed has an issue that may cause problems for some users.” They’ve also started marking all uses of content:encoded as potentially causing problems, which is funny because it actually avoids a ton of problems and (again) people have been using it in RSS 2.0 feeds for 3+ years now, and I even asked Dave Winer about it in the past and he said that was fine. Their documentation on the topic seems more geared toward instilling fear, uncertainty, and doubt in RSS 2.0 than addressing the reason they’ve decided to start warning about this element.

Randy: I'm going to both agree with Matt and take the blame. In my persuit to avoid the noise on the RSS mailing list, I failed to address these issues when raised. Some, have taking that the random chatter on the RSS mailing list is somehow the rule of the day. It's NOT!

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