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Mon, 10 Apr 2006 02:13:36 GMT
PubSub where art thou?

PubSub seems to have stalled. If you check the site-stats for the domain, then you'll find zero in-links for the last four days and zero out-links for the last three weeks. I can maybe buy that nobody is linking to me :-), but I'm pretty certain I'm linking to a lot of people. What's really weird is that Friday it reported 31 blog entries, but no outbound links. A couple weeks ago, I had a random encounter with Salim Ismail, a founder of PubSub and he gave the impression that things were gonna get better. Unfortunately, they've gotten even worse. On the back of Technorati now reporting an all-time low of nothingness and the near death experience of Feedster, it's become apparent that the blogosphere infrastructure has completely collapsed.

Now don't get me wrong, the problems with PubSub are not restricted to my domain. PubSub is reporting zero links to in three of the last four days. And according to PubSub LinkRanks, is the #1 linked-to Website.

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