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Fri, 07 Apr 2006 19:50:39 GMT
Why I use Google Reader et al.?

a.k.a. Why Google doesn't suck at anything anymore.

It took 53 minutes for Mihai Parparita of Google to track down my problem and move it into the next release. He also sent me my OPML reading list via private email. A second employee, Jason Shellen was also all over my blog in just over one hour and moving into repair mode. It felt like a billion dollar company was at my command. That's why I use Gmail. That's why I use AdSense. That's why I use Google Search. That's why I use AdWords.

Now imagine I have a problem with Yahoo! 360 or Microsoft whatever. You complain in forums and blogs and nothing! Except for Don. He was good. Lucky FeedBurner.

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he he - try support at newsalloy ;)
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