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Fri, 07 Apr 2006 14:56:20 GMT
News Alloy, the Ajaxing RSS Reader

Judging from my subscriber reporting, a lot of people have been checking out NewsAlloy, an ajax-based RSS reader. So today, I checked it out too. It was pretty awesome. So good, that I decided to switch from Google Reader to NewsAlloy for awhile to give it a real test.

Also, NewsAlloy has a blog. Subscribed

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Wow, you are correct Randy. It's not working for me either. I'll get on that.

Jason Shellen
Product Manager, Google Reader

Thanks Jason.


Randy, how do you import OPML into NewsAlloy?  I left a feedback question, no response yet.

Sterling Camden (

Click Manage, then Import OPML.


Ooops! Sorry about that typo. It's Sterling, not Sterline.


Thanks, Randy -- I guess I need new glasses or vitamin A.  I had visited the manage tab, but failed to see the additional tabs across the top.  Looks pretty cool so far.

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