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Sat, 01 Apr 2006 19:32:55 GMT
Technorati Indexing MySpace Blogs

In the last few days, Technorati began indexing MySpace blogs. Aaron Brazell says "The quality of the Technorati results has diminished in my eyes" and "99% of MySpace blogs are not blogs". I have to disagree. Blogs are blogs. Whether they have quality content or not, does not make them any less blogs. A newspaper that contains crappy articles is still a newspaper. A bad book is still a book. Does indexing MySpace blogs reduce the quality of Technorati? I don't see how it can, I've not seen any quality there in quite some time.

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why doesnt myspace work in school anymore


because its not school oriented?
do you know a way around the school codes blocking myspace?
heyyy! be happy and have a blessed day with God in your life! don't forget Jesus!
Were do i find some new MS layouts? Thanks, Steve

you aint allowed on myspace at school cuz you're not allowed to talk to people outside of school when you are in school thats what i heard. i got some proxys

thats all i can remember

what happens when your school starts blocking all the blocking all the websites that are meant to unblock myspace and realpics?

your screwed.
does anyone know of any new proxys???

u smell
i want on bebo how do i do it tell me u fukers
Type "339":
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