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Mon, 20 Feb 2006 15:21:18 GMT
Disclosing My Conflict of Interests

Dave Winer: I would also like to know what interests the other members of this group have. Are they receiving money from the companies? Do they have any conflicts of interest? Do they assume a responsibility to disclose any conflicts of interest?

Randy: That sounds fair. Here's my resume. I run a semi-popular blogging network and search engine called KBCafe. I also run a free RSS-to-email service called Rmail. I run a variety of advertising on both KBCafe and Rmail, including but not limited to AdSense and BlogAds. I use to be part of the Corante blog network. I do consulting work from time-to-time with a variety of Web 2.0 start-ups. Almost all of my work depends on the success of RSS and therefor I have an interest in RSS succeeding (is that a conflict?). Contrary to popular belief, I have not sold any not-for-profit Websites to Verisign for $5 million ;-)

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Randy, that last sentence was entirely uncalled for.

I am totally bought into the notion of issuing a 2.0.2 version for purposes of clarifying the specification, per the RSS 2.0 roadmap.

My concern is that some see this as an effort to either ignore Dave's wishes or to outright bait him and others - and I want no part in either.

Atom complies with the roadmap.  The initial namecalling has long since died down.  Hopefully this effort too can continue in accordance with the roadmap and without a return to the childish namecalling of the past.

- Sam Ruby
I'm getting Google ads for Conflict Resolution and Counselling Training on this page. :O

Yes Sam, I'm capable of both, even in the same sentence.


I use my blog as a showcase for the things of interest to the community I serve. I do take limited sponsorship but make very clear to sponsors that doesn't guarantee coverage and doesn't prevent me being critical when I find they're not doing what they say they are. But...sponsors are given a complete right of reply before I post. As an ex-hack I understand the potential for conflict very well. As an ex-accountant as well, I also understand the difference between audit and consulting. Reality? There are no Chinese walls, but it is my reputation at sgtake, no-one elses.
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